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Farm Kylešovice

Farm Kylešovice expanded our capacity rearing of poultry since 2010, when operation was generally purchased and renovated to match the high demands of rearing poultry. Rearing here, as well as in Melč is free to litter, ranging from small one-day chicks in their 20 weeks of age. Ke Koupališti 9002 ZIP code 747 06 Tel/Fax: […]

Farm Melč

Farm Melč is located on outskirts of the village, in the beautiful countryside of Opava region. The three-story barn is done rearing poultry litter free. Breeding takes place there from day chicks to 20 weeks of age birds. The plant is furnished with the latest technology and its total reconstruction took place in 2008-2011. Melč […]

Farm Velké Albrechtice

Large Farm Albrechtice became part of the production capacity in 2010. Six poultry sheds is technologically equipped for breeding meat type with poultry production of 6 million hatching eggs per year. Breeding takes place in open litter. Velké Albrechtice 327 ZIP code 742 91 Tel: 556 411 572 Fax: 556 413 740 Zootechnician: Bendová Zuzana […]

Farm Dvorce u Bruntálu

Farm Dvorce u Bruntalu is another of the breeding farms of our company. Production here is on the loose litter, in five halls with a total production of 4 million hatching eggs per year.Technologically is again well equipped and fully meet European criteria. Olomoucká 373 ZIP code 793 68 Tel/Fax: 554 254 510 Zootechnician: Zavřelová […]